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Sheet Music and Tabs for New Guitar Players

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Easy Guitar Tabs for Kids and Beginners

New guitar players really enjoy playing music that is simple and recognizable.   Here are some songs that will get new players motivated while they learn the basics of guitar tablature. 

Click  "Easy Tabs" in the header to get some free easy songs for beginners, or buy the book "Easy Guitar Tabs" for the complete set.

"Easy Tab Melodies" by Isaac Gish

Chords and Strumming

Chords are an integral part any kind of guitar music.  Whether you're playing solo fingerstyle music, playing while you sing, playing while others sing, or playing in band, chords will play an important role.  The better you are at chords the more capable you'll be in any kind of music.

Click "Chords" in the header for some free chords music, or click on the link to buy "Chords and Music: Songbook Edition"

Chords and Music: Songbook Edition

Fingerstyle Guitar Music

Fingerstyle guitar is perfect if you're looking for music that sounds beautiful and complete with just you and your guitar.   By using your fingers instead of a pick, you can add bass notes to your melodies to give your music a rich, full sound.  

Click "Fingerstyle" in the header for some free fingerstyle guitar music, or buy the book "Fingerstyle Solos: Deluxe Compilation" for the complete set.

"Fingerstyle Solos: Deluxe Compilation" by Isaac Gish

Guitar Tabs for Movie and Video Game Themes

Nothing motivates guitar players like learning a song from their favorite movies or games.  Teachers who give their students popular game and movie themes will almost never have to nag their students to practice.   These arrangements vary widely in their complexity, this list will be updated every so often to add new songs to the list.  

Enjoy these arrangements from:

And many more!

Some guitar players get their start by just jumping right into playing their favorite songs!  Here are some of the most famous guitar riffs that interest new guitar players.

Some of these song use chords and techniques that are tricky for new players, so it may help to play some easier songs first.  But if you're feeling ambitious, go ahead and give these songs a shot!